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Added a Current Projects Menu

I added a Current Projects Menu with the idea that it will help me keep an eye on things I’m supposed to be putting some work and effort into.

Currently I’m very gung-ho about my Telescope project and I want to do more work on my Carnival project as well.  I figure by running a Current Projects list I may actually get stuff done.  And once the projects are actually finished I can move the pages to another location for future reference.

Also, I added links to my Magic-Historical section.  Makes sense since that is what I’m supposed to be a Laurel for.  I’m a little surprised at how little I have to put up there.  Need to find material that I can actually put on-line so I can add it in to my overall research archive.

Online Metal Store

Looks like I might be able to order metal I need for a variety of projects I’ve been putting off.

Online Metal Store.

And a gauge chart too:

Stirling Engine and other Kits for Working Models

This is what happens when you start wandering around on the internet.  You find more things to spend your time with.

Stirling Engine and other Kits for Working Models.

I need to win the lottery so I can spend all day playing with things like this.

Galileo at Work: His Complete Notes on Motion in an Electronic Representation

Excellent!  Galileo’s notes!

Galileo at Work: His Complete Notes on Motion in an Electronic Representation.

RASC Calgary Centre – Atmospheric Seeing

Doing some further research around my telescope project with the intent of being able to take my “Galileo” telescope to SCA Events and spend time observing at night.

Since I don’t know a lot about astronomy beyond basic stuff I learned in school and have never actually owned a telescope it seems like I’d better get my act together.

I found this as a resource to understanding “seeing” scales for observations.

RASC Calgary Centre – Atmospheric Seeing.

Looks like this is just the place to start!

Back to my Telescope Project

Well, it looks like this blog is already doing what I wanted it to do.  Tonight, while organizing various links and notes for my research I discovered that there are now telescope kits that will work for my purposes of building a workable “Galileo” style telescope to take to events!

I’ve put the links here with my telescope notes.

Very happy!

And so it begins….

Having taken the hint from a number of other sources, I have decided to see if I can create my own “research blog” and see what happens as a result.  So far I’ve managed to put the basic structure together and cover all of the things that I am interested in.  Of course there are way more things I’m interested in than I have actual research for at this point, but it’s a start.

And that’s the point, right?  To start putting things in some kind of order sot that I might actually be able to make some progress?

Here’s hoping….

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