So, in an attempt to get started on my telescope I got started and pretty much immediately messed up by putting the wrong lens into the end of the telescope.  Unfortunately it’s held in place by a glued in retaining ring.  So now I need to carefully break away the glue and switch in the correct lens.  *sigh*

Fortunately for me the guy who sold me the kit has been very helpful via email and has already said that if I don’t manage to get the lens free without damaging the tube he’ll just send me another one.  Yay!

So, that’s where things stand at the moment with that part.

I also mentioned this project last night to a few friends and they all got really excited to see where I’m going with this, including one person who will help me build a wooden telescope tripod.  So I need to find some images and see if I can make a pattern to make one.

So that’s what’s up next!


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