So I’ve gotten motivated finally to start working on my Carnival idea as well.  What’s that?  Glad I pretended that you asked.

It seems these days that when you go to most SCA camping events the evenings entertainment options are rather limited.  If you walk out to the center of the eric (the central fighting field for all you non-SCA readers) and look around the site you can pretty easily see that your choices are:

  1. Go to that camp fire and get drunk with those people
  2. Go to that camp fire and get drunk with those people
  3. Go to that camp fire and get drunk with those people   — or —
  4. Go to that camp fire and get drunk with those people

Yeah, the options are fairly limited.  Yes, that is an over-simplification but one that I think most of my SCA peeps can at least grudgingly admit to.

Of late Rose and I have been hosting Bardic Circles at our Baronial Pavilion and this has gone reasonably well.  We are happy about it and continuing the practice as much as we are able.

But I’ve had this carnival idea kicking around in my head for years and last year I got really excited about it again after reading “The Night Circus” – a really wonderful novel that has not a damn thing to do with anything SCA related but I was still moved by.

So the idea is this — create a kind of carnival consisting of a variety of acts and a few small “sideshows” (like tents for gambling, general games and fortune telling) and ending with a bardic circle that creates a nice friendly environment for those of us who:

  • have kids
  • are not interested in getting drunk
  • would rather not compete with the noise of the larger parties

and generally just enjoy something different.

Having spoken to enough people to form a possible core group of performers I’ve finally started a private newsgroup for us to kick ideas around and see what we can get going.  I am hopeful that we’ll create something new and different for people to experience at SCA events.

I’ll keep you posted as we move along.


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