Automata – Wooden Cups and Balls Magician

Two posts in one day?  What’s the world coming too?

Well, who knows, maybe it will be even more then two posts, but I just ran across this and I had to share.

Automata were very famous for a good long time.  One of the most famous being “The Chess Playing Turk”, a mechanical man that played championship level chess and supposedly even played and beat Napoleon.  Very cool stuff.

There have been a number of people who have engaged in recreating various kinds of automata.  I don’t have the skill to myself at this point though maybe I could add that to my ever growing list of cool and bizarre things I’d like to do.

In any case, this video is of an automata performing The Cups and Balls.  It’s really cool and I just had to share it out there.

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  1. I love the automata!

  2. santiagosgrimoire

    Here’s a link for a video about The Turk.

  3. ok, I’m feeling a bit of a dimwit for not being able to remember exactly where I saw it… but I’m just remembering now, and I wasn’t looking *for* it… but either in the image search for the Metropolitan Museum (I believe searching on “persian”) OR in the UCSC library in the section on Islamic Art, there were a handful of sketches and diagrams from period (Renn) of middle easter automata…

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