Tonight’s observations

I took the time to do a few more observations tonight with my telescope.   I’ve actually done some every night for the past couple as we’ve gotten to a full moon.

But tonight was very cool.  I’ve managed to develop a steadier hand and combined with leaning carefully against the supports on my deck I have been able to make halfway decent lunar observations.  Tonight I was able to get a steady enough and sharp enough view that I could actually make out the shape of lunar mountains on the very edge of the moon!  The magnification is strong enough that I can see the shape of mountains and craters as they rise up around the very edge of the lunar disk.

I know that doesn’t seem like much reading it, but actually looking at it with a telescope you’ve made yourself is amazing.

I got Laurie to come out and take a look as well and she was able to confirm that I was seeing what I was.  We both grinned like idiots.

So, I”m getting a better and better idea just how much I can do with this telescope.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing how things progress proceeding from a full moon back down to a new moon.  I’m hoping to be able to make good observations as the shadow on the moon grows.

I need to get to an art supply store and buy myself a sketch book so I can start trying to draw what I see.

Having so much fun with this thing!


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