Carnival curiosities

Being on the current jaunt about automata and the ideas that we might be able to use to play with them I began looking around at living statues as well, or what appears to be the medieval equivalent, tableau vivant.

Lots of great stuff out there if you’re willing to dig, but naturally finding examples is difficult. Looking into living statues from a modern perspective however is pretty easy and really it seems to me that a lot of the same things we’re playing with now as street performers they would likely be playing with back then. And so, I begin my wandering during my lunch break and I come away with the following examples.

A gravity defying human statue:

A variety of living statue pranks:

An actual Living Statues Festival!

and of course, one of my favorite magic acts: Jerome Murat

Talking with one of my cohorts in this project yesterday I found that she has some very creative ideas about combining the nature of living statues with the nature of automata. I like this alot.

And, in all honesty, I have to say that this suites my artistic drives nicely because it plays well into one of the images that inspired this whole project to begin with, something from “The Night Circus”. I won’t go into it at this point, but if you’ve read the book then you’ll likely know what I mean or at least can take a pretty educated guess.

In any case these “early stage ideas” are wonderful and I feel great about the creativity that I am getting from a few people so far. Eagerly waiting for more!


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