A step closer to my telescope tripod.

Well, 7 cents later I got the nut I needed to be able to turn the strike plate on my new tripod into something I can use.  By using a leather sling system I will be able to put my telescope on the tripod but be able to keep it safe.  So far I’ve gotten this far, but since I don’t have buckles at the moment I could only do this much.   So I’ll stop by the leather store in the next day or so and pick up a couple of buckles and finish this up.

From that point on I’ll actually be able to mount my telescope on my new tripod.  The nice thing is that with this design I should be able to actually use the same sling on a more authentic tripod once I have it worked out.

Looking forward to finishing this in the next day or so as the moon is getting full again and we should have a really nice view of it from my deck.


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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but the leather will stretch and make the telescope unsafe for you and the telescope. Did you forget where I work? I’m sure I could dig up a spare mount. Let me know what size tripod and type of telescope. If you insist on the leather please put some kind on non-slip rubber on th inside of the leather. I’m very disappointed in you – why are you trying to invent the wheel again? At work we have a file cabinet on historical telescopes and their progress along with over a decade of the amateurs astronomers group and their trials and errors.

  2. santiagosgrimoire

    Tami, the point actually is to *reinvent the wheel*. This is a pure research project for me. I’m deliberately going through the kinds of steps and experimentations that Galileo would likely have been going through for the sheer experience of it. I’m enjoying the trials and errors! They are a part of the journey and in fact I would feel deprived if I didn’t have them! *smile*

    I fully intend to put a non-slip surface into the sling. Also, the body of the telescope is cardboard because it’s a prototype reproduction which is why I’m going with the softer materials for the moment. All of this is still in the “proof of concept” stage. Once I’ve tinkered together the best reproduction I can I will be rebuilding from scratch in order to produce a replica Galileo telescope.

    And no, I didn’t forget where you work. *smile*

    I would be interested in looking through the file cabinet of information though. I’ll have to figure out some time when I can come out and plunder the information you have. Thanks!

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