Emotional picture

Of course with my recently expressing memories of carnivals and all these carnival plans I’m making on my own right now, anything that is carnival related that crosses my path is of extra interest.

So when I saw this picture this morning I was rather stunned.  In one truly gorgeous image this artist has captured the very feeling I’ve been expressing about how this classic carnival is falling by the wayside, abandoned.

I’m posting this picture here to share it with you, but please, go to this guys website and check out the work in general.  I’m especially fascinated by the photos he has in his “Abandoned” section.

There is a lot of wonderful images.

It appears that his website is a WordPress blog so I’m trying to subscribe to it, but he’s set things up a bit oddly that is making it kind of difficult to figure out.  I’m also hoping to find a way to contact him and see if I can get this image as a print.

In the meantime, check it out.  Very beautiful work.


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  1. Laura Weiss-Lampert

    I love the abandoned section. It makes you feel so hollow and sad, yet in awe. He does great work.

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