Another Copy Cat Magic Act!

Unbelievable.  Just a couple of days ago I wrote of a copy cat act stolen from one of my mentors, Jeff McBride.  Today I come to find another, this time of a brilliant french magician, Jerome Murat.  These aren’t just cases of learning something from someone like a staging technique or idea, but rather it is wholesale theft.

I have never had the opportunity to meet Jerome Murat.  I doubt I ever will, but that should tell you just how much fame he’s achieved by virtue of this act.  He’s known around the world.  But some hack thinks “well I’m half way around the world from him, so no one will ever know.”

It’s wrong no matter how far away it is.

Behind the cut are two videos.  The first is the original performance from Jerome Murat.  The second is the thief.  When you watch them you will see the dramatic differences in such things as pacing, smoothness of motion, quality of animation and just sheer showmanship.

Here is a video of the original:

Copy Cat.


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