Girls, a Hula Hoop and a Video Camera – GO!

What happens when you take a tiny little video camera, put it on a hula hoop and take it to Burning Man?  Something rather interesting actually.

Okay, you must recognize that since this was done at Burning Man, there are few bits here which are essentially “clothing optional” but frankly I’m more fascinated by the effect of watching hula hoop action from this entirely different perspective.  Watching from the inside of the ring as it is rotating around the user, occasionally being handled as much as a juggling prop as anything else and just the sheer fun of the activity makes this a rather creative video.

Burning man is supposed to be about artistic expression as much as anything else.  But yes, this isn’t exactly “safe for work.”  Also, if you get motion sick easy you might have a moment or two of trouble with this one.


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  1. So incredibly beautiful! I really like their music choice as well.

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