Coronet, Autocratting With A Bad Back And Making Lunar Observations

This past weekend was Mists Coronet.  I was the Autocrat (the guy in charge for you non-SCA readers).

When I took it on I knew that it was supposed to be easy.  And really for the most part it was.  I think the biggest problem I had to deal with overall was a misfiring herald (the person who is supposed to be making the announcements for you non-SCA readers again).

But I had some problems.  This was the first time I have solo-run an event of this size.  The good thing about it is that events this size have certain things that always happen and certain people who are in charge of those certain things which means I didn’t have to be responsible for those things.

The bad thing, for me specifically, is that events this size have certain people who handle the certain things and as such I have to trust them to do those certain things.

Yup, I’m a control freak.  Always knew that I was but this event in particular brought it into sharp focus simply because there were a lot of things which were out of my control and needed to remain out of my control.  This does not mean that there aren’t thing I wish were handled a little differently but at least I got through this and I know enough now that I could (and probably will) do it again.

As to the bad back thing well I wish I knew what the heck I did.  Late afternoon on Saturday I was walking across the field delivering toilet paper to the ladies rest rooms and my back decided for reasons surpassing my understanding to clench and go out and otherwise leave me gasping for breath and barely able to stand for a couple of hours.  It made the rest of the evening pretty hard to deal with.

Including getting out with my telescope and trying to get people interested.

But I did manage it for a bit.  A couple of people, including the current Prince of The Mists, took a few minutes to take a peek through my Galileo prototype.  So as far as that part is concerned “Mission Accomplished.”

All in all, despite a number of difficulties both official and personal, I managed to make it through the weekend and it even appears that people enjoyed the event so I’m calling it a win and adding it to my SCA Resume.

Next time will be better.


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