And The Carnival is A Go!

Well, we had our first “Face to Face” meeting with as many people as I could manage this past weekend.  It was very productive and the end result is that the Carnival project is a go for Kingdom A&S and events moving forward.

I admit that I was extremely worried about this.  Having an idea is one thing.  Having enthusiasm for that idea is another.  Getting people excited about it is yet another thing.  Getting people to commit to supporting your idea is a massively complicated thing.

It’s been more than a year since I started brainstorming this idea.  I know, I checked.  Notes that I have date back to last January.  It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been on this concept for that long, but there it is.

But now others have ‘officially’ bought in and we have a project plan and a target date and commitments and everything.

Now the real work begins.

Up until now everything has been planning, researching, gathering ideas and building interest.

I have high hopes.

In other news I have begun working on a project which has brought me a great deal of amusement.  A friend of mine is a writer.  He has been writing a very funny story about a character who is very definitely a bad person.  To use a term, he engages in a great deal of ‘douchebaggery.’  Which means, if you are in the right circles, you know what I’m talking about.

I have been recording the story for him.  Putting my voice talents to work making his story into an audio book.  I’ve never particularly done this before, so it is a learning experience.  But I have my many years on stage and my technical knowledge to make the digital recordings, so there you have it.

It’s possible we might make the ‘audio book’ available at some point in the future but for now it’s just a fun project to play with.  I’m enjoying it a great deal.

So there we are.  It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog but there is plenty of sound and fury hiding behind the scenes and now that we are on a countdown clock to Kingdom A&S I hope to have more frequent updates on The Carnival of The Phoenix.


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Magician, Entertainer, Actor, Cook, Leather Worker, Artist and generally very busy.

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  1. I am loving seeing the carnival grow. I keep picturing my “act” as a mute fool type. But I haven’t fleshed that out yet. I am really excited to get a pair of stilts and work on my juggling.

    Santiago! My capstone project in school was an audio play. I am very interested in the audio book thing. How are you capturing it? And more importantly are you interested in doing any future voice work?!

    • santiagosgrimoire

      I have just added a page of starting information for Stilt Walking. A few quick links to get you started in terms of research. Feel free to add more via the comments as you find stuff.

      I’m using a headset system and my laptop to capture the audio for the audio book. I have some good video and audio editing software on my system so that works well. And yes, I would love doing future voice work!

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