Why Are You Following Me?

I realize that as a general rule people who write blogs want their blogs to be followed.  They want readers.  I am no different in that regard.  I want people to follow my blog as well.

But I admit that I am somewhat picky about this.  I want other magicians and entertainers to follow my blog.  I want other SCA people to follow my blog.  I want my real life friends to follow my blog.  I want creative arts people to follow my blog.  I want these people to follow my blog because I want to contribute to them and hopefully in the process I will get to learn things from them that expand my artistic endeavors.

But it is inevitable that whenever I make a new post I frequently pick up a new “follower” who seems pretty clearly intent on doing so for one reason and one reason only — to sell me their crap.

Let me just put this out there for consideration — I write this blog for me.  I use it to collect ideas, to flesh out my thoughts, to gather research information on my interests, which are fairly extensive and varied as anyone who takes the time to look at the other pages I have here can tell.

WordPress let’s me know when someone new is following my blog and suggests that I go check out my new follower.

I do.

But if the only thing I find is your website trying to sell me your secret plan for making money flipping houses on the real estate market, or your herbal remedies that big pharma doesn’t want the rest of the world to know about, or your secret to blogging success in getting lots of people to hang on your every word, or whatever else it is that clearly has no connection at all either to me personally (as in you are a real life friend of mine and I am interested in you so I’ll follow you) or to what my interests are then I can promise you two things —

1 – I will not follow you back

2 – I will never even look in your direction again

You are wasting your time.  You are wasting my time.  And I have no use for you if you are wasting my time.  The only reason I am even writing this now is because I have a few minutes before I go off to enjoy further explorations of my own with real people instead of vague virtual individuals who are only interested in one thing — my wallet.

If you are not genuinely interested in the same things I am interested in, if your goal is just to get me to open my wallet, don’t waste your time.  I have never fallen for it and I’m not about to start now.

I am financially fine.  My health is fine.  My ego is most definitely fine.  I don’t need anything you are peddling and even if I did, I wouldn’t find it through someone who basically did nothing more than SPAM me.

About santiagosgrimoire

Magician, Entertainer, Actor, Cook, Leather Worker, Artist and generally very busy.

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  1. I have no agenda. I am not following your blog so that you’ll follow me back.

    I’m following your blog in order to take from your table what scraps you share.

    We mean different things by “magic” at times. I understand that.

    I’m glad you’re here.

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