Sometimes it really is about the environment you are in.

Brian Brushwood – Spinning Cups routine:

Sometimes it really is about the environment you are in. 

I’ve admired this effect for a long time now.  I’ve considered doing it but I don’t really know for sure how it’s done.

Scratch that.  I don’t know how Brian does it.

On the plane ride here I was reading a magic book I have written by Jeff McBride (The Show Doctor) and I was trying to get myself in the proper mindset for being here and learning.  While reading something unrelated in the book an idea came to me for how to do a version of this effect.

Upon rewatching the video I can confirm that Brian is not doing it the way I thought of, but that doesn’t really matter.  I know that my method would work just fine.  And even while writing this post I have thought of a second method that may or may not be the way Brian is doing it but even if so, I can’t tell from the video and it doesn’t matter because I know I could do it that way too.

I find this piece very moving.  I know in large part that is due to the music and story which he is telling.  But the effect itself is a very strong one and I think it would go well for my usual audiences (mostly SCA) who are all used to handling knives and therefore have an appreciation of the dangers inherint in mishandling one.

I have less than an hour before the main festivities begin for me this weekend and already my magic thought processes are kicking in to high gear.

Indeed sometimes it really is about the environment you are in.


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