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Warning The Universe

I am not a nice man. Not really.

I strive to be an honorable one. I work hard to be a responsible one. I do my best to be kind and courteous. I try to maintain not just my own dignity but also the dignity of others. I own my mistakes. I do my best to make right whatever I have made wrong.

I am far from perfect in any of these things and I am self aware enough to know that.

None of these things are inherently nice. They do tend to make people think that I’m nice. People do tend to look at me as someone who is worth being around and they tend to equate that with nice.

But I have a bad side and I generally don’t waste a lot of time or energy trying to hide it. I get angry at stupid. And I am angry a lot because there is a lot of stupid out there to be angry at. I will even admit that I get angry at myself when I’ve been stupid because I expect better of me.

So why am I telling you that I am not a nice man?

Because I am about to be very “not nice.”

Over the years I have developed an odd habit which I have labeled “Warning The Universe.” I remember that I decided to call it that because I read somewhere (I can’t remember where now) a dialog between a couple of characters where one was offering up a warning to his enemy that he was coming and the other said “you know they can’t hear you” and the first replied that as long as the universe could hear that was good enough for him.

With the advent of social media it became very easy for me to start “warning the universe” and in this version it becomes possible that the people who need to hear the warning actually might.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you need not worry.

If you think you might be in the line of fire then you need to either remove yourself or verify that you’re in trouble.

And those of you know what I’m talking about – this is your warning.

You’ve messed with me and mine. You’ve lied. You’ve cheated. You’ve hurt people I care about and your lies and bullshit are tearing apart a community that I love and cherish and swore to defend. You’ve hurt them all badly enough that I feel a need to scream my warning to the universe.

One way or another I am going to see you punished. I’ll do everything I can to make sure everyone works through the proper channels and procedures and everything else that needs to be done. I don’t care how long it takes. I will take the time to make sure that those who need to will cross every “t” and dot every “i” because when the time comes to formally and officially “deal with you” it’s going to be done in such a way that not a single person can possibly complain that it was unfair or unjust.

I am confident in the rightness of this course. I am confident because there are those with more level heads than mine, whose willingness to argue with me is well known, that have agreed with me that you and your bullshit needs to end.  Now.

No, I’m not a nice man.

I am, however, someone who gets very angry at stupid. And you’ve been very stupid. Stupid enough that the universe needs to hear my warning even though I doubt you ever will or would even care if I told you to your face how badly you’ve fucked up and pissed me and everyone else off. You haven’t listened to anyone else try to reason with you, warn you, or guide you to fixing the problems you have caused. You certainly aren’t going to listen to me.

What happens next? I’ll stand right behind the people who are dealing with your bullshit. I’ll offer every insight, every word of advice, every effort I can to help them do what needs to be done. And I know they’ll accept that help. They already have.

When you’re gone, we’ll heal. The life and energy that you have sucked out of everyone around you will be restored.  Because while it is true that I am not a nice man, it’s possible that there is a part of me that wants to be.  Certainly I try to be better than this.  I try to be better than this anger because anger is poison.  It brings us all down from being the best people we can be.

That is what you’ve brought me to.  That is why I am this angry with you.  I want to be my better self but you have forced me to deal with your bullshit because you’ve hurt the people and things that I love and done so without remorse.

If you showed remorse, if you attempted to fix what you have done, you would have my sympathy.  But you have demonstrated that those things are not in you.  And so I have nothing for you but anger and contempt.

So you will pay, you will be removed, you will be gone……

And no one will miss you.

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