Off To Magic School Again

13347019_1226092690736766_424952768965350346_nTime for another in our series “Santiago Learns More Magic Than He Knows What To Do With” in which we find our hero on an airplane heading to Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

Like an idiot I failed to notice that my flight is not direct, but instead is making a stop in Orange County first. Meh. Not a big deal. I don’t have to change planes, and since I was in boarding group “A” this time I’m actually close enough to the front that I’m not even inclined to try and change seats during the stop over. No real point in it.

So, what am I off for this time? A focus seminar on Parlor Magic. What, pray tell, is that? Well I’m glad you asked.

Parlor Magic is what I do. No, really. Probably more than anything else, the magic I do is Parlor Magic, so if you’ve seen me, then you’ve seen it. It’s basically defined by virtue of audience size. My preferred venue is an audience approximately 20 to 40 people. To large to do card tricks for the most part. Not really large enough to be sawing ladies in half.

But Rings, Ropes, Balls (Cups and…), juggling, a wide variety props, the option to do silent or to tell stories, this is a world I like. This is also the world that a lot of magicians refer to as “Packs Small, Plays Big.” This is where we figure out how to take those tiny little things and make them fill a room.

And my mentor, Jeff McBride, well, he’s the expert. This is his thing. This is the guy who packs an act big enough to fill a stage in a case for a pair of sunglasses. I am not exaggerating. His emergency act that he travels with when he is going around the world and there is a chance his bags might get lost (because that never happens, right?) fits in to a case that small and goes with him on the plane. It’s 15 minutes of material.

Now admittedly the guy is so insanely skilled he can pretty much do any damn thing he wants with a couple decks of cards, a handful of coins, a spool of thread, and a stick. But still, that’s packing pretty damn small.

So, can I do that? Well, I’ve gotten pretty good. I have a travel case I can perform out of that is about the size of a decent camera case. I’m not necessarily looking to get smaller either. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton more to learn. There always is.

So, off I go. Time to fill the brain with magic. And, as a little bonus, I’ve brought along a little something that I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to use. I like the effect, but there is a variety of staging issues that I am lost on. And who better than Jeff and others in the Las Vegas magic scene to discuss such things with?

Well, I can feel that the plane is making it’s descent, so time to put this away. There will be more my friends. There will be more.

Edited to Add: Yes, if you cough occasionally and looks slightly nauseous people decide to pass the empty seat next to you even though it’s practically right next to the door off the plane.



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  1. Malinda Kester

    Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy your blog! Very entertaining! You are quite correct about a little coughing and sniffling being a good deterrent from someone sitting next to you on a flight. As a frequent wayfarer, it is one I’ve used from time to time. I also discovered that people will think twice about sitting next to you if you are doing embroidery with a really long needle. In dire cases, my sister, a flight attendant, has told me she has witnessed a few passengers humming and reciting nursery rhymes to themselves before the flight takes off, and then be perfectly normal the rest of the flight! Ahhh the joys of travel!

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