Carnival of The Phoenix

Carnival of The Phoenix is a project in which I would like to create an evening entertainment venue that will provide a different kind of activity at SCA events.

The ultimate goal will be to create a space that can be turned into a kind of single ring circus were acts can be performed.  I would like to establish the following kinds of acts if I possibly can:

A number of people have already signed on to help but I have more to do in order to collect them and the necessary resources together.

  1. santiagosgrimoire

    Interesting discussions over the past couple of days regarding how “historical” we want to be with this project.

    I’m of a mind to be as historical as possible, but to not let ourselves be completely bound up by it. It’s more important to create the environment and the entertainment first. Once we’ve got it together we can further educate the audience about what is and isn’t completely historically accurate.

    But there the integrity of the artist to consider as well. No performer is going to perform something they aren’t comfortable with which means I need to be sure to let there be enough room for them to decide what they will do.

    Does make for some interesting considerations though.

  2. santiagosgrimoire

    Letter I sent out today:
    Good morning Carnies!

    Things have been a bit quiet over the past couple of months, yes. Mainly due to
    that whole 12th Night thing. It’s such a time suck isn’t it?

    So first off we’ve added a few new people to the list. New people, there are a
    couple of databases in the group for skills and contact information. Please
    fill those out as soon as you can.

    But as promised I am now contacting everyone to see about getting a “face to
    face” meeting set up so that we can talk plans, logistics, acts and support.

    As I have said before I would like to have the Carnival make it’s first
    appearance at Kingdom A&S this year. That means the weekend of June 8th & 9th.

    I would like to get people to get together and meet on one of the following

    Jan 27th
    Feb 3rd
    Feb 10th

    Yes, these are all Sundays. I figure given that fact that some of us are spread
    out a little farther than the rest, a weekend day is more doable. I’d want to
    meet at about noon and go for a few hours to really hammer out all the logistics
    I think we’ll need to hammer out.

    If you can’t make any of those days this is okay but I’d rather not go further
    out on the calendar than is absolutely necessary. Let’s get as many together as
    possible and if you can’t make it you’ll get the full update on this list. Just
    send me your status/thoughts/comments/whatever in advance so we’ll know what’s
    up with you. (Participation via Skype or a Google+ HangOut is also doable.
    Future quick check-ins via Skype or G+ HangOut is also very doable if enough
    people have the necessary webcam setups.)

    I am not anticipating having lots of these kinds of face to face meetings
    either. Once everyone is set with what they are doing as part of the process we
    will stay in touch via this group for progress reports and so on. As we get
    closer to the event I would like to have one or two “rehearsal” days as well but
    we can discuss that in the future. Just keep the idea in your head.

    As to location, I have not decided yet. Obviously I could host but it would be
    kind of tight in our house (Santa Cruz Area). Easier as the weather gets warmer
    since we can spill out on to the deck if needed. We can likely get access for a
    few hours to the Lyric Theater Warehouse (San Jose) if I ask Rose nicely enough
    and we don’t conflict with anything on their schedule. Failing those options I
    am open to suggestions or renting a meeting space somewhere if needed.

    What I would like to get accomplished is deciding on what our first acts will be
    and what additional infrastructure we will need. All the ideas which have been
    kicked around on this list as well as thoughts I’ve posted on my research blog
    ( are on the table to be discussed.

    That discussion can certainly take place here as well, but I do believe we’ll be
    more productive in a face to face gathering for this initial push.

    I know at this point that I have the following rough building blocks for the
    first outing:

    1 – Magic – Me
    2 – Puppet Show – Yukiko

    1 – Games being built – Rory
    2 – Fortune Telling Booth – Ghislaine
    3 – Bardic Circle, Evening – Alessandro?

    The initial things I would like to discuss are:

    1 – I’d like at least one more act for the event.
    2 – Future act development
    3 – Daytime activities? There was some talk about games to play during the day
    (stick horse races, bubbles, etc etc)
    4 – Selling food as fund raiser?
    5 – Creating Programs
    6 – General advertising ideas
    7 – Physical Infrastructure Needs (curtains? banners? polls & ropes?)
    8 – Music for acts? (Alessandro? Boom box?)

    Clearly there is a lot on the plate. I’d like to get moving on this as soon as
    possible so please ping back on the dates you are available so we can begin

    Jan 27th
    Feb 3rd
    Feb 10th

    Assume we will either be in San Jose or Santa Cruz for the location at the

    Thank you all for being interested in this project. I really do have high hopes
    for it and I can tell you that there are many people who are eager to see what
    we can do with it.


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