The amount of historical evidence for Yo-Yo’s in my SCA period is limited at this point, but there is plenty before and after so I’m not to worried at this point.  I’ll keep digging and adding here as I go along of course.

In the meantime I found a lot of cool stuff to start with just in general.  One has to start someplace with a new skill, but I think that Yo-Yo’s are fun so this should be interesting and it might just make it into my Carnival.



How to be a YoYo Ninja (Duncan tutorial videos for 1A stunts)

How to be a YoYo Ninja Classic Tricks

How to be a YoYo Ninja (Duncan tutorial videos for 5A stunts)

  1. santiagosgrimoire

    Another history article on Yo-Yo’s that focuses on medieval era:
    (14th Century Dutch reference)

  2. santiagosgrimoire

    A couple of references to 16th Century Yo-Yo’s as weapons in the Philipines. Suspect at this point until I can find some more solid support.


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