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Now that’s a Hobby Horse!

So, today’s wanderings are on the topic of puppetry. I’ve some experience but not a lot. Others I want involved in the Carnival are interested in puppetry and I do have one person currently involved who is most definitely a puppeteer.

I’ve got some basic links on Hobby Horses and Puppest here, but I felt a bit of additional wandering might prove useful. And of course it did. Starting with a couple of videos on Basic Puppeteering from none other then the Jim Henson Workshop. While these are targeted at modern puppetry I think there is still some genuine value to them based on what I’d like to see happen in the Carnival.

But, of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I was put in mind of a wonderful “puppet/magic act” by David Williamson and Rocky Raccoon!

And of course from the historical perspective we want to look at the basic “Punch & Judy” show.  Slightly out of the historical era we’re interested in, but has it’s roots in Commedia so definitely a good thing for us over all.

But for sheer coolness factor I found this:

Now that’s a Hobby Horse!

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