Dancing With Dragons

IMG_0136I have been in the SCA for nearly thirty years.  In that time I have tried just about everything.  Many years ago I tried out Heavy Fighting, and while I enjoyed it, I was not in a financial position to pursue it.  I was a young kid with a minimum wage job and so couldn’t afford to invest in the necessaries.

Things are different now.  I have a full kit and I’m taking this year to focus on learning to be a Heavy Fighter.  No, I am not giving up Rapier fighting.  Far from it.  As I have mentioned in other places, I am very much of the idea that I want to be a cross trained fighter covering many different disciplines.

Recently a number of things have come together to provide me with both challenges and a philosophical/metaphorical way to approach this year — learning to hunt dragons.

So, this is going to be my space to write down my thoughts, keep notes on the things that I learn and the advice I am given, to log my efforts and recount my victories.  There will be no defeats.  Why?  Because as far as I am concerned, win or lose any given fight, the fact that I am getting out there at all and facing these people, learning these things, and making myself a stronger person, all of it counts as victories.

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